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It's the day before the Republican National Convention kicks off, but on this side of the river, it's nearly silent, except for the snaps and pops of a camera.

Artist Spencer Tunick stands on a ladder holding the camera focused on the women, wiping sweat off his brow. This is beautiful," as he takes photos for his art installation, "Everything She Says Means Everything."Off to the side, more women stand wrapped in sheets and towels shifting from foot to foot and rubbing their hands together, surrounded by piles of bras, panties, T-shirts, shorts, and sundresses.

Kristin usually stays in New York with their two daughters while Tunick does shoots around the world—he just got back from one in Hull, U. Tunick asked them to bring a cover in case cops arrived and protested the public nudity, which is illegal in Ohio.

His backup plan is to have some women make a wall of sheets along the property's perimeter.

I think this is a great way to contrast that.""For me, it's less about Trump and more about creating positive energy around the RNC and to create light where there maybe isn't as much," says Sabrina Paskewitz, 23, a student who's done nude modeling.

Harmony Moon, 25, smooths her skirt printed with Pokemon cartoons, and says: "I'm here because I'm a trans woman and we're not supposed to like our bodies and I don't like that. I'm very antsy; it's like Christmas morning."Some of the women say they had concerns about safety coming out this morning, with news about violence at protests in recent months."I told my husband this morning, 'I hope I don't get killed by protestors,'" says Darlene English, 42.

He emailed the address—a private piece of land, which he had permission to use—to 200 women on Friday, hoping that 100 would show up.

In spite of the precautions, Tunick anxiously discusses the possibility of Secret Service helicopters flying overhead or cops showing up.

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