The closer to morning the less they will take as they need to make something.

Just be warned they will try bleed you of cash by asking for food and drinks and by bringing friends over as well.

I took the ferry in Hong Kong island for 40 minutes and went over to China.

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The girls there were a lot more pleasant,younger and only charged $65 per hour.

Bottom line if you have to go to Hong Kong take the ferry not the train or bus to Shenzen.

You should come up with a website which has tons of girls you can choose from. You will need to make a call and ask for availability.

The website itself do not provide any escort service, it is just a platform for the hookers to get customers. Most of the pretty chicks are in Shim Shai Tsui and Causeway Bay. If she is available, the pimp will ask you to take a taxi to go to a pre-arranged hotel.

The price is usually around $200 USD (or $1,600 HKD) up for a massage first and then full service after.

You have to do a massage first so they know you are not a cop.

But then, if the girl is 18 or below, you will be in deep deep trouble.

(Read jail) Always check the ID first if you are into one night stand.

Most of the time the women are attractive and in their early twenties.