Bots launch at a more rapid pace than mobile apps due to the lower technical barriers to entry.

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The idea of my chatbot is that it will act as an interviewer,ask the questions and grade the answers of the candidate and finally send the report to higher authorites.

The chatbot while taking the interview of the candidate will send live statistics to the concerned authorities if the authorities find the candidate eligible enough they may call him/her immediately for the final interview Plus we also have to set a client server architecture means we will have our chatbot on the server and it will run on two client computers.

Poncho can conduct small talk and even recognizes other cats.

“Weather is boring,” admits Poncho founder Kuan Huang.

Worswick nearly gave up many times when Mitsuku repeatedly gave unsatisfactory answers and users called her “stupid.” One major breakthrough occurred when Worswick programmed in a massive database with thousands of common objects such as “chair,” “tree” and “cinema,” along with their relationships and attributes.

Suddenly, Mitsuku could give sensible answers to strange user questions, such as, “Is a snail slower than a train? ” According to Worswick, “Let’s say a user asks Mitsuku if a banana is larger than X, but she doesn’t recognize what X is.

The chatbot’s sole purpose is to provide entertainment and companionship.

You won’t be surprised to find out that Worswick thinks “chatbots should be about the chat.” Building a conversational chatbot that isn’t awful is extremely hard.

My chatbot will not be a desktop application it will have its interface on webpage which will be available to the client computers only.

As i haven't worked on it ever before so i need suggestions from the people who know what i am talking about.

Just like weather apps, public transit apps are soulless and boring. Enter Bus Uncle Comprehensive, detailed guides and maps for the bus system exist on the Internet to help expats and locals find their way home, but Bus Uncle’s conversational interface both simplifies and adds joy to a routine task. Like any proper Asian uncle, Bus Uncle stays in character by occasionally forcing you to solve math problems.