Fast forward to today, where the majority of households house unmarried couples as opposed to married partners (U.

Bring your significant other to a restaurant you would not normally visit.

Whether the price is a little more than what you usually pay, or the food is unique, trying something new is always fun to do.

Make a short video using a video camera or your camera phone. Buy disposable cameras and use up the whole roll of film. Whatever you make will be a souvenir you can keep from your special day.

Think outside the box for a gift that will be meaningful, without breaking the bank.

If you prefer going to your favorite restaurant, order dishes you have not tried before and share them with one another.

Plan a daytime date to celebrating your 6-month anniversary with your partner.

There isn't any formal research, but my guess lies around the idea that dating relationships only took center stage for our romantic endeavors within the past fifty years, give or take. Many couples date for years, and some specifically choose not to get married to their long term loves.

Prior to contemporary times, dating offered a means to get to know someone briefly before marriage, and rarely did couples date for extended periods of time.

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