I went to so many sites and resources trying to find an answer that I lost track of them.

I did follow the check from the reference you gave and replaced the ACT.

Unfortunately, it didn't solve the problem(s)so I continued to work on it.

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Vehicle 1992 F-150 4X4 5.0 V-8 This is a new engine with less than 100 drive miles on it. When the outside air temperature is below 60 degrees F the vehicle will not start; when it is above 60F it will start but not stay running.

Above 70F the vehicle will run but uses an enormous amount of gas. The voltage is 2 when checked, Haynes states it should be 5. Code 411 Cannot control RPM during Engine run self test-low RPM Check: I do not know what to do with this. 538 Insufficient RPM change during Dynamic Response Test: I do not know what to do with this. 632 Overdrive Cancel switch: Again I do not understand this one. Code 173 Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor - sensor indicates rich. The codes here are the exact same codes I was receiving before the new engine install.

Back on Terry's flat bed truck and off to the Dealer.

This time they kept the truck for 10 weeks through the winter and wouldn't you know it they couldn't get it to start either, nor did they resolve the problem.

Check out this link to test the ACT and for more info on it:

p=29 The ACT Sensor is locate on the lower intake manifold, drivers side, fwd end on the side of the front channel.I have an F-150 with the same engine (5.0 L V8)and I'm seeing some of the same codes.Concerning sensor voltage, if low, my Chilton manual indicates to have the PCM checked.He included everything he did on the truck; when, how much, why, and the part numbers.He even recorded the dates and locations the thing was in storage when he was deployed on his ship.That's where I wound up with this little project so I towed the truck to a Ford dealership electing to let the pros do it.