He sometimes feels that being an African can be a disadvantage. In a club, he often meets girls who are specifically interested in African-Americans.

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I kind of wish I was still single so I could give those a whirl. Yes, I love the guy I’m with, but a part of me thinks there are many good people out there for you in the world and I wonder who I would have matched with online.

Jen Glantz is the founder of the Bridesmaid for Hire, a business started in 2014 from a viral Craigslist ad.

Once all that’s over, your relationship feels stale, like a cracker left out on the dining room table for far too long. Literally the second I walked down the aisle and kissed the groom, people rushed up to me and said when am I going to have a baby. I wish I registered for more practical things or just asked for cash to pay for a new car.

We’ve been married for five years and the truth is, we have no money left in the bank. I got married at 23 and at that age, most of my friends were still living at their parents’ house and trying to get a job.

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Seriously, by year three of marriage, I stopped going to the gym completely. Excuse me friends, I can still take shots and dance till 4 am just because I have a hubby.

I got married before the days of online dating and dating apps being cool.

Often, she would say something she didn’t mean, and Andre took her literally. Some of the women who frequent them are looking specifically for western men and not all of them are looking for a long-term (or honest) relationship.