Then the doctor should help you come up with a plan.

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It happens only sometimes, but lately it has been more and more frequent.

: My husband has been having trouble sustaining an erection for over a year now.

Assuming everything also checks out, then he should get the pills and have some fun.

I'm sure the wife's desperate lament that it's been three whole weeks and she can't live like this!

In recent years, my dad's temper has become unpredictable and intense; logic is out the window (a note to a burglar on the fire box that there isn't anything of value in it so please leave it) and most recently, that he'll no longer wear anything the color of a rival sports team (down to no blue dress shirts).

If I suggested he see a doctor, he'd either laugh it off or become irate—neither option resulting in his making a doctors appt. I truly think there is something wrong unless all old men are this grumpy.

Can you think of anything I can do to offset the damage I have done?

I think I have really hurt his feelings and made him feel small (no pun intended), but it's hard to just stifle all my emotions on this topic anymore.

The good news is there's nothing physically wrong, the bad news is that he is probably in a downward psychological spiral.