Suddenly she got up and inserted my dick inside her mouth and started to suck.

After 2 minutes I cum inside her mouth and she just drank all the cum.

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After 10 minutes of sucking she told me Rathan lets fuck I told Janu oh yes let’s do it. I put one pillow bellow and guide my dick inside her pussy slowly it went inside without any difficulties (she was not a virgin) and I didn’t ask her about virginity or did she had a sex with anyone. But as we have promised to keep this secret and I too don’t want to spoil her life or make any problem I am just happy myself by seeing her.

She just moaned yes Rathan fuck it more harder I am all yours and now I start to fuck her more harder. On my next story after your feedback I will write how she her sister her sister in law and I had a group sex.

I frequently visit yahoo chat room on day or night time whenever I am free. As both of us was dating for first time I invited her to a movie hall Udyam which is south Palace.

Today I am going to narrate a true story which how I fuck a girl I meet through yahoo chat room. As this is my first story on ISS I may not be that much good on writing as I think everything comes by experience. The day was Saturday when we finalize meeting with each other.

Oh, I love the music, which allows you to relax, I want my partner was lying in a dark room with candles, play slow music, I would have made him a massage, it would be very nice)).

Also, I want to try something cardinally new, something that has not yet been tried, sex in an unusual place, for example)) I always try to people to feel comfortable and interesting to talk with me.

I told yes darling you are just mine love you oh yes I love it.

After sucking of 15 minutes I put my hand inside her pant. And I was surprised that she didn’t had any hair she was all shaved.

Now I was totally blind she was dam hurry to get fucked. And then I start to kiss her tongue and we were kissing each other for more than 10 minutes.

Slowly I move my hand towards her breast and pressed it.

But slow and steady wins the race it stuck in my mind.