One group that is now asserting its right to exist is the maledom-femsub community. Our main character, Howard Cole, is a professional male dominant for women.

As everyone in the BDSM community knows, this is highly unusual.

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There was nothing outwardly unusual about the one story contemporary home.

Three young children from nearby families played noisily within fifty feet of the conservative gray painted exterior.

I hope that you will find this reality-based story even more erotic than one which is totally based on fantasy.

I have been told by some that the story is too "cerebral" for most people to be able to enjoy it as erotica.

As a talented photographer, he appreciated the finer points of composition, color and lighting.

He stroked his short beard for a moment, then adjusted the rolled up sleeves of his open necked black silk dress shirt.However, others have said that it is the most erotic BDSM story they have ever read.The popularity of BDSM has exploded in recent years, spurred on by the rapid growth of the internet.Author's Introduction: Most erotic stories with an SM theme are set in distant times or places so that the reader can more easily enjoy descriptions of intense sexual behavior that would be unacceptable in his or her own society."Submission in Seattle" adds a small dash of fantasy to a very real part of modern American society, the BDSM subculture.One home on a particular suburban lane had its own special energy.