Every room was nicely furnished in a quiet, traditional manner and, supported by the weekly visit of a housekeeper, was kept immaculately clean.

The apartment had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and showed Roger’s interest in interior decoration and his attention to detail. ” Josey had known Roger ever since her older brother, Michael, had started grade school with him.

Adult spanking rooms-48

Carefully she bent her knees and stationed herself on the stool while she lay forward over the chair. Pleeeeaasee,” Josey pleaded once again, nearly horrified. ” Roger said in a stern voice, to which there could be no practical response.

She then reached back and clasped her hands behind her head. Although the position was not necessarily uncomfortable for her, Josey felt the shame and helplessness of her bottom being positioned in such a manner. Now, I am going to lower your panties down to your knees and we can start your punishment.” “Oh, God, no! Josey released a small whimper as she felt Roger’s hands delicately lower her panties to fully expose her buttocks and upper thighs. , Owwwwweee,” she screamed in pain and reached back to try and protect her bottom. Josey stayed in the prone posture, yet with the force of each strike she rocked forward a bit, but never away from the reach of the strap. Be still and experience that burning sting as part of your punishment.” Josey sobbed profusely into the chair’s cushion.

It was an easy matter, with Roger’s height, to reach the large bag of pretzels on the top shelf in the pantry; and then he directed Josey to slice some oranges and pour cider. Josey had an itchy feeling that he may be upset with the fact she had come home so late on a week night. She was a big girl; she had the right to go to a movie with her friends and come in late. Geez, you scared me…coming out of nowhere like that. Or would you prefer that I suspend your spanking until such time as I have discussed it with your parents? You don’t have to tell my parents about this.” And while she remained in place, Josey subconsciously, slowly crossed her arms behind her as if to protect her threatened bottom.

Her mind was busy manufacturing her defiant justification when all of sudden Roger appeared in the hall outside her bedroom. He was still wearing his work clothes including his dark slacks, pale blue dress shirt and striped tie. Why, she wondered uneasily, did he have the sleeves of his work shirt rolled up? Why, in heaven’s name, did he have his black leather belt folded over, and in the tight grip of his left hand? “But please, Roger….please don’t spank me with your belt.

Roger adjusted his glasses and used his hand to rake through his thick auburn hair, a gesture he repeated many times daily.

“There is a desk in your bedroom, and that is where your books belong. Come back in the living room please.” His voice was calm and exacting .

She felt helpless at the thought of disrobing and exposing herself in only her panties for a spanking with his belt. If you are a sensible young woman, you will stop this ineffective demonstration and behave in a more mature manner. Remove your skirt and kneel on the stool facing the chair.

Bend forward and rest your head on the chair, hands behind your head.

Josey was now preparing to start her academic career at a university that was a two-hour drive from the home of her parents.

Both her father and mother were concerned about her leaving until they learned that Roger, a close friend of the family, had recently earned his doctorate, and was a new instructor at the university.

Her parents were thrilled to learn he lived in the community, and had immediately consulted with him and it was quickly decided that Josey would share Roger’s apartment and he would look after her.