In old fantage, everyone was equal and didn't require membership to have fun.

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Now, to be considered rich, you'd have to have over a million stars. " And a 7 year old kid thinks every word in his sentance is spelt correctly. If you have played during 2007 Beta-2010, you will see what i mean.

This is really irritating me, but in current Fantage, these users hold "Family tryouts" and pretend to be like, 1 year old. ;(I've been playing fantage for a couple of years now and surprisingly still play it, but what I've noticed as I've played awhile is the obvious difference between non members and members.

He is bordering on unfaithfulness, though he may not have acted it out.

In my opinion, old Fantage was a billion times better then current fantage.

Also, some desperate people say these stuff like, "One needed" or, "If you think i'm cute, my place." They even kiss or have s-x in public! People have been saying these, Family tryouts so much that Fantage even made a hairy deal out of it. Some young people might think how a word spelt incorrectly is really a correct word. Members receive way more prizes and advantages, which isn't really worth the money.

Also, in old fantage, houses, clothing, etc were like, close to 100-500 stars and now, most of them are over 1000-2500 stars. And Trade n Sell-I know it closed down, but there has been a hell ton of scammers when this place opened. It costs 900 ecoins to spin and non mems will feel left out. You can't choose what to say and costs 200 ecoins to post a puny message up. The mesage only shows for a whooping 3 seconds and then it dissapears forever. They make some emoticons of baby animals and stuff and on the top says text that says, "Family Tryouts, my place" Cussing. Some dumb kids playing this game say things they think are funny to users who might really be 6-7 like, "Hey, can i come to your house and check your mommy? Also, you have to be a member to buy almost anything, unless your using gold or ecoins.How can you be united as a couple if another woman is so important to him that he ignores your concerns and talks to her daily and keeps it secret from you?If these relationships are not intimate or sexual than he should be able to show you all the emails he has sent and received to disprove any suspicions you have. It has a mostly postive attitude, though some users will try to find ways to type in bad words or have boyfriends/girlfriends.I only see this very rarely, but kids under 9 should go to less crowded servers, so it minimizes bad content.Almost EVERYTHING in current fantage is membership only and the memberships are quiet expensive.