Call Us Today for Professional Help Effective addiction treatment available for those who suffer from compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviours.

However, when choosing an addiction treatment centre it is important to remember that treatment for sex addiction differs from most widely accepted addiction treatment methods for drugs and alcohol, which is why it is important to seek out a rehab facility that has experience treating this particular type of addiction.

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Sex addiction is challenging to combat, however, because unlike substance addiction, sex is not something that can realistically be abstained from in most cases.

It can be difficult for people to identify sex addiction in them as everyone has their own drives and preferences for sex.

These alluring and addictive apps like Tinder, Grindr and OKCupid make hook-ups more accessible than ever before—but is this cause for concern?

Here we discuss the effects of technology on sex addiction. With Tinder boasting 50 million users, the impact of dating apps on modern-day sex and romance is nothing to shake a stick at.

He never thought that, down the line, he would be sitting in a room full of people uttering the words “Hi, I’m Nick and I’m a sex and love addict.” Nick chronicles how using Tinder for casual hook-ups took his view of sex, intimacy and women in general into a downward spiral.

Although Nick shares that he always exhibited behaviour likened to sex addiction, it was Tinder that took his addiction to a whole new level.

Sex addiction would be prevalent with or without these dating apps, but people who are struggling to control their sexual cravings are now faced with a seemingly impossible task—not to take advantage of ubiquitous dating apps that make hook-ups ever increasingly user-friendly.

Dating apps allow people to have more sexual partners and instant sexual gratification, while feeling less consequence.

Here we discuss the reality of sex addiction and the effect that technology has on it.

Nick downloaded Tinder to find women to hook up with.

We got 165 responses to our little sex apps survey.