Finding Muslims who match not only her taste but also her level of piety has been daunting, she says.

Moreover, dating is frowned upon by her parents, who uphold the marriage norms of Palestinian society.

There, customs are often marked by pragmatism rather than romance.

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We’re giving them a space to come, maybe not for marriage, but at least to test the waters,” says Ms.

Mubeen, while stressing that the site’s features – such as access to profile photos only after a connection is made – offer an experience vastly different from Western-style dating site.

“If you think a woman belongs in the kitchen and shouldn't work or get an education then I am not interested.”Ana has refrained from telling her parents that she’s joined the site, fearing reprimand for dating.

But “those taboos are going away rapidly,” says Hassan Shaikley, one of the site’s young programmers.

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So Ana was thrilled to one day stumble upon Hipster, a new site catering to young Muslims “tired of all the ‘possibilities’ the aunties keep bringing up at every get-together,” according to its Facebook page.

The project was born when Sheereen Nourollahi, a 26-year-old Iranian-American, and Humaira Mubeen, a 24-year-old Pakistani-American, were discussing dating in an online forum for Muslim hipsters, or “Mipsterz.”“We fill in that space that maybe our community or mosques don’t.

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