Tap the soccer ball icon and send it to your friend.

Bots & Robots in Virtual Worlds Notes: In a nutshell, any dialog system API, such as My Cyber Twin or Conversive, can be used to power Second Life chatbots via any of a number of metaverse text clients.

It is much easier to prototype a robots in a virtual environment such as Second Life; in fact, a quick search of the Second Life Marketplace reveals a quite a few NPC chatbots.

The company recently started blocking access to Facebook messages from mobile web browsers on Android phones in some markets.

The ban will extend to i Phones as well, though Facebook isn't saying when.

You can also request money, in case your friends forgot to pay you for those movie tickets and aren't answering their email.

To use the payments option, select the person you want money from and tap "payments." There are no extra fees to send or receive payments, but you must use a debit card—not a credit card. Face Time isn't cutting it because your friend has Android?

Facebook is pushing more people to install its Messenger application, now by blocking people who want to send and receive messages via its mobile website instead of the app.

(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) Although people typically install it on their phones to chat privately with their Facebook friends, Facebook also uses Messenger to bring features and capabilities that might not make sense, or even be possible, as part of the main Facebook service.

Start by telling the bot where you are going and when.

After some back and forth, the bot will give you hotel options.

Messenger offers yet another way to do video calls on your phone. If you use cellular, you might get charged for data by your phone company.