So overall, the product is good and the customer service is beyond great.

I haven't had a chance to use the monitor because the setup has been so challenging.

I have followed the directions on two different computers of mine and have had the same empty result.

Then the wifibaby tech will have to take over your computer to set it up. It appears that an intern haphazardly organized the installation manual.

I bought the item well in advance of the arrival of our baby and made two concerted efforts to get the monitor running to no avail.

Now I have a two week old and I still cannot get the monitor to work and I cannot get tech support on the phone to help.

Again, if you are close to your due date I would look at other options or buy it and forgo the installations instructions and just put in online service request in.

Camera does not rotate so the image is fixed until someone manually moves the camera2.

The image is blur if the light in the room is not bright enough or if it is not completely dark.3.

Since I have a foreign router and all of the instructions and configurations are not in English, that made the set up process a lot more complicated.

However, Gary was very patient and knowledgeable, and was able to connect the router to the camera in less than an hour even with router configurations being in a foreign language.

You also have to purchase the app for - in order to use it on your phone/computer/tablet.