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There’s even a website, Pwned By Girls, founded by porn star Alana Evans, devoted to adult performers who game.

Given the obvious overlap between porn and gaming fans—who are predominantly young, male, and spend an awful lot of time at their computers—it makes sense, from a business perspective, that adult performers would dip a toe in the gaming world.

But that obviously doesn’t sit well with many gamers, who refer to Jessie as a “whore,” a “fake,” or, if they feel like being particularly creative, a “fake whore.” When she dresses provocatively, she is accused of doing so to draw in subscribers; when she dresses conservatively her subscribers demand that she show her tits.

When she turns her face cam on, she is told she’s using her looks to get views; when she turns it off, she’s accused of faking her gameplays. “You can never win with them.” The obsession with “fake gamer girls” is deep-rooted in the gaming community, with gamers accusing attractive women of being “cam whores” and derisively referring to men who donate to female streamers on Twitch as “white knights." But Rogers and Evans say it is worse for female adult performers, who, by virtue of the stigma associated with porn, already encounter discrimination on a daily basis.

But I think it’s because I was in porn,” she told me when I Skyped with her a few weeks ago.

“It’s like you had sex on camera, so you’re less than human to them.

Like many female gamers referred to as “cam whores,” Rogers displays herself prominently in her face cam, and often wears revealing low-cut tops during streams.

Rogers doesn’t deny that her looks and porn credentials have contributed to her popularity: “It definitely helps,” she says, that she’s an attractive young woman in a predominantly male space.

“Then after I got a partnership with Twitch and they put me on the first page, I’d get the fans that weren’t from porn.” Unlike many Twitch streamers, Rogers is not a lifelong gamer: She started playing Xbox games in high school, and although she’s known for playing , she didn’t start playing until after she left porn (fans love her for how mad she gets when she dies in the game).