) Are you currently promoting anything, something you want to get the word out on?I’m really trying to push both my Many Vids store (sarastar.manyvids.com) and my website (sarastarxxx.com), which have mostly different content.Cam name: Sara Star How Long Have You Been Camming: About 5 years Location: New Orleans Social Medias: @Sara Star XXX, Instagram: xoxo Sara Star, XXXSara Star on Snapchat, Sarastar XXX on Tumblr Type of equipment you use: Logitech C910 Cam Site(s) You Frequently Cam From: sarastar.cammodels.com, myfreecams.com/#sarastarxxx Average Daily Take Home Pay: It varies broadly from as little as to well over 0 Average # of Hours You Spend Camming Each Week: I try to average between 10 and 15 hours a week, but sometimes I do more.

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Also the waiting in a dead chat room can really suck. It’s just great validation to be nominated for awards, really.

What’s a big misconception people have about cam girls?

There are some great clients who understand that this is my job, but still come in to chat to have a great time with me.

# Of Followers: I just crossed 18,000 on twitter, which is a pretty insane number for me. manyvids.com/Sara Star Amazon Wishlist Link: Best Gift You Ever Received From Your Wishlist: Squirting dildo Most Unusual Request: That’s tough to determine because it depends what a person considers unusual.

So it is a very erratic profession, financially, but it can be rewarding, with good management and determination.

Why are some cam sites a better fit for you as opposed to others?

I’m very much a believer in “Don’t yuck someone else’s yum,” so I don’t have a real standard of “unusual.” I’ve given footjobs in socks. I’ve completely ignored a person on a per-minute chat. Biggest Pet Cam Peeve: Please don’t come into my chat and just sit there.