Turkey Hunting Seminar and Guided Hunt This is a 2-part program consisting of a 1-day seminar and a 1-day turkey hunt.This program is especially designed for the beginning adult female hunter (18 and older).All participants must have a hunting license and a Firearms Identification Card or License to Carry to participate.

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New women participants may sign up for just the turkey hunting seminar or both the seminar and guided hunt.

First-time hunt participants must attend the seminar.

Deer Hunting Seminar for Outdoorswomen and Men Designed for both women and men (18 and older) who are new to deer hunting. Men and women may sign up for Part 1 (Seminar) and women may sign up for Part 1 and Part 2 (Hunt).

In this seminar, participants will learn about deer behavior, what to wear, what gear to bring on a deer hunt, deer management, sighting in a firearm and other useful tips. No previous hunting experience is required for the seminar.

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