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He went way too far, and his publications led to the purge of the Girondists by French leader Maximilien Robespierre.

Desmoulins regretted his role in the executions of the Girondists, and collapsed in court when the death sentence against them was pronounced.

Previously uninhabited, the islands were explored by Vasco da Gama in the early 1500s and colonized by the French in the mid-1700s.

They were taken by the British in 1794, and Britain gained permanent control of them in 1814.

He became a political journalist due to his interest in public affairs and once wrote a newspaper for the French politician Honore Gabriel Riqueti de Mirabeau, but he later failed in his attempt to become a lawyer.

Until the start of the French Revolution, Desmoulins seemed to be stuck as a small-time writer.

Camille Desmoulins (2 March 1760-5 April 1794) was a politician of the French Republic and a friend of Georges Danton, a moderate leader during the Reign of Terror in the 1792.

On 12 July 1789, Desmoulins urged the people of Paris to take up arms and wear cockades by which they would know each other, virtually founding the French Revolution.

Desmoulins quoted Jean-Jacques Rousseau by saying "Burning is not answering", and Robespierre called him a spoilt child after he repeatedly refused the generous terms.

After the March 1794 executions of Jacques Hebert's followers, the Jacobins decided to purge Danton and his friends.

Two days later, the storming of the Bastille took place.