It seems to be similar to the commonly reported scam about people getting out of their cars to retrieve a 0 bill left on their windshield only to have their car hijacked when they attempt to do so.This scam was described in the media although it never actually happened.

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For the others, their bleeding bodies will be thrown into a tiny cage, or a small dog kennel, or onto a short chain.

So, if they survive the attack, the pain still isn't over. to later end up on death row at the animal shelter.

As with most D23 events, the Epcot 30th Anniversary Celebration kicked off with a rousing opening movie followed by a few introductory remarks from head of D23 Steven Clark.

What followed was a series of nine presentations that had to be seen in person to fully enjoy.

Their mouths are taped shut, their legs are bound, and their bodies are restrained.

Then, they're thrown into a ring with another dog...

The purported scam involves an automated call that asks “Can you hear me” and when the person receiving the call indicates “yes,” the response is recorded and used to authorize unwanted charges on your phone bill through cramming or other accounts.

Many people have received these unwanted calls, however, no one has yet reported actually being victimized by this scam.

That was mostly because we didn’t know exactly where the site was or what it looked like.