Jay: (muttering) Gee, you're a fucking minute man..

And when I called, you hung up because Miz was all over you! Chris: Well, we had our private time and now my room mate bailed on me.


Y'know, sleep in the same bed without humping like bunnies and just cuddle? Jay: (puts phone on speaker and holds it out for Matt to hear too)Chris: I wouldn't finish that if I were you, Mizerella.

You're the one WHO hogs the covers, you lying little..

Jay: Cuz ya likes the way he sucks ya off : PChris: Jay!

Matt: (holding ears) Why do I always hafta hear this?

Okay, I was attacked by my Matt and Christian muses the other morning with this bunch'a nonsense (that was gunna go in 'Bubble Gum Sweet Shit' b/c it was justa supposed to be a one shot w/ pieces inspired by something Matt said on Twitter) and it just decided to go every which way it wanted and basically wrote itself. I decided not to put it in 'BGSS' b/c it kept going and has another chapter.

For Shits&Giggles: WWE Random; Chapter one/ 'Just Like Old Times'Rated; M-ish/ L, (sexual situations, horndogs galore!

Mike: Tell me, did you guys double-team Adam like that? Jay: I wouldn't let Jeff catch you talking like that.

(sighs) I won't see him for awhile and when I do he'll be walking like a duck.

Jay: (shrugs and stretches) Must be that time of the month. Jay: (laughs)Jay: (giggles evilly and moves over to bed)Matt: (comes back from bathroom, yawns and sits back down at table to check his Twitter) Ugh! Jay: (cracks up as Matt types something else)MATTHARDYBRAND Ok..