In the show, contestants called "housemates" (or "house guests") live together in a specially-constructed house that is isolated from the outside world.Housemates are voted out (usually on a weekly basis) until only one remains and wins the cash prize.The first version of Big Brother was broadcast in 1999 on Veronica in the Netherlands.

The tasks are designed to test their teamwork abilities and community spirit.

In some countries, the housemates' shopping budget or weekly allowance (to buy food and other essentials) depends on the outcome of assigned tasks.

Most versions of Big Brother follow the weekly eviction format, broadcast over approximately three months for 16 contestants.

The contestants are required to do housework and are assigned tasks by the producers of the show (who communicate with the housemates via the omnipresent authority figure known to them only as "Big Brother").

The housemates with the most nominations are then announced, and viewers are given the opportunity to vote via telephone for the nominee they wish to be evicted. Some more recent editions have since included additional methods of voting, such as voting through social media and smartphone applications.

Occasionally, non-standard votes occur, where two houseguests are evicted at once or no one is voted out.

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The term Big Brother originates from George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, with its theme of continuous oppressive surveillance.

The program also relies on other techniques, such as a stripped back-to-basic environment, evictions, weekly tasks and competitions set by Big Brother and the "Diary or Confession Room" where housemates convey their thoughts to camera and reveal their nominees for eviction.

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