So for example, coffee shops can legally sell weed in small quantities, but not advertise it directly – hence they’re not called Get Bud Here (although the one I visited is named Smokey).However, coffee shop owners cannot grow plants or sell products to the actual cannabis shops.

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The sex worker’s dissatisfaction evolved into a protest gathering more than 250 prostitutes and their supporters in April last year, retaliating over the closure of the windows.

Sex workers argued the project’s measures will force half of them into less popular, but also less protected areas of the city – and less protection could allow a higher level of crime.

The accusations that the government hid their true intentions behind the official aims of Project 1012, along with the demonstrations in the capital, eventually pressured the authorities’ to stop shutting down red light windows by the end of 2015.

Will the development plan end successfully is yet to be seen.

Named after the district’s postcode, Project 1012 initially intended to shut down around 50% of both red light windows and cannabis shops in the infamous neighbourhood.

So far, more than 100 windows have been closed, due to the suspected issues of forced prostitution, human trafficking and organised crime.I was staring at more than 20 different types of marijuana – some being Northern Lights, Ice, White Widow, Buddha, Citral, all in different coloured packaging, most in different sizes.It is important to point out that I had no experience with buying bud.Prior to my trip, my friend from the Netherlands did try to clarify the rocket science behind the drugs law, but the multiple contradictions left me even more confused.The Dutch drug policy considers the use of soft drugs a health matter – a matter of personal use – and it is comparable to the alcohol and tobacco consumption.But new government policies from several years ago are now aiming at the ‘professional’ cannabis growers – basically anyone growing weed under electric lights. Due to the still complicated drug laws in the Netherlands, professional marijuana growers risk big penalties.