Despite the fact that Drew had to repeat his senior year at Degrassi while Bianca had graduated, they promised to remain committed to each other.

However, while at university, Bianca began to change, and over Thanksgiving break, she broke up with Drew, saying she was no longer that girl that agreed to marry him.

After she leaves Anson stalks her and attempts to rape her and Drew follows after and gets into a fight with Anson then Bianca takes a brick and strikes Anson in the head which frees Drew and the two flee.

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Bianca states that Drew cares too much about what people think and she thinks he sounded awesome. points out that Drew doesn't need any distractions and Drew replies by saying that Jenna's pregnancy is a distraction. passes the ball to Drew and it hits him in the head. Drew scores the last point and everyone gets together.

Bianca then asks if Drew would like to go to the drive-in with her but he says no due to the upcoming basketball game and tries to get her to come, but Bianca declines by saying she's not into it. says that Drew picked up a ringer, Drew says she's not exactly a ringer, but that she's pretty cool. They are surprised and point out that their girlfriends hate her and that it'd be weird to bring her out. After half time Drew stares at Bianca, forgetting what he's supposed to do. Drew brings Bianca to the side before they go and tells her they're going to Little Miss Steaks, which makes Jenna feel uncomfortable and she rudely asks if Bianca's coming.

In All Falls Down (1), while Drew is getting study advice from K.

C., he notices Bianca standing in the hallway, staring and smiling at him. Bianca approaches them and sits next to Drew, asking if he can zip her sweater up, insisting it's "stuck".

Bianca originally approached Drew while he was in a relationship with Alli Bhandari and flirted with him, going so far as to send him sexy photos of herself, and inviting him to the boiler room for oral sex.

Drew, although claiming to be committed to Alli, responded to Bianca's advances, and met her down in the boiler room, where he received oral sex, thus cheating on Alli in the process.

She then asks him to hang out with her, and Drew accepts her offer. (1), Bianca walks in after Drew and Sav's band practice. In Chasing Pavements (1), Bianca and Drew are seen making out in front of Degrassi. Drew and Bianca are later seen at Drew's house making out and Drew gives Bianca a bracelet engraved with Bianca's name for how long they've been dating, Drew then hears his mother come and Drew covers up Bianca with her jacket and he pretends he was reading but Audra catches them and grounds Drew preventing him from going to the concert.

When Bianca sees Alli, she calls her Boiler Room Bhandari in an attempt to make her angry. On the night of the concert, Drew sneaks out but only to see Bianca and Anson talking stories, Drew then confronts Bianca who fires back at Drew for his jealousy and storms out.

But instead they run into another gang member named Vince who had taken Bianca's bracelet and has everything he needs to know about her and her boyfriend Drew. The next day Vince gives Drew an ultimatum: shoot someone and become a member of their gang or else he and Bianca get killed, Drew decides to take the gun but, the next day he turns it in to take the heat off of Bianca and is taken in for questioning which leaves Bianca upset. , Drew delivers Bianca good news and she suggests they celebrate.