Near the end of the eleventh episode of the sixth season, most of the second part was played as background music in a Gardenia costume party.

One to One was originally written by Riven for Musa and the music was played by Riven (guitar), Helia (keyboard), Timmy (guitar), Sky (guitar) and Roy (drums).

I can hear your song Like a secret story I can hear your heart You don't have to worry Girl you're not alone You make it through 'Cause you know, you know That I play for you I never thought That I needed to be rescued Singing by myself How did my voice find you?

Fuwa fuwa no kokoro Dou yattara shikkari suru no ka natte oshiete Ugokisoude ugokanai toki datte hiraki naotte Kondo koso kondo koso Zero kara ichi no dansa o koeyou ugokitaku narisouda Demo ne kono saki no mirai wa nazo no mama dayo ZERO to ONE, ZERO to ONE, ZERO to ONE… This wavering heart Please tell me what I have to do to make it feel fine In times that seem like they can change, and even times that don't, I can feel it so This time round, this time round Let's open the door from zero to one; It's a time I want to change Maybe the future from here onwards will remain a mystery ZERO to ONE, ZERO to ONE, ZERO to ONE…STEP! Even lost flowers wait in hope, for the light of day when they'll bloom!

So shall we become beautiful flowers, that look like a dream While rushing towards tomorrow, I want to spend today enjoying the present ah!

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