Free: Users who do not have a paid account will be restricted to using limited features of the site. The username will be displayed as black as opposed to green (Pro), purple (Extreme), or Gold (Extreme Plus).Pro: Users who purchase the Camfrog Pro account will be displayed as a Green nickname with unlimited of videos.Video Chat Rooms Camfrog client includes the ability to access Camfrog hosted and user hosted video chat rooms.


User rooms have different rules than Camfrog hosted rooms, but must still follow the Camfrog's Terms of Service.

Video Chat Rooms have various of listed such as All ages (13 ), Deaf (Microphone is default disabled), Audio Only (Webcam is default disabled), and 18 (Users who under 18 will not be seeing those listed and will not be able to access 18 chat-rooms.

Users are able to change their nickname once every three months.

They will also be able to view the top cams list and able to send up to FIVE VIP messages to anyone who isn't on the Privacy Mode (circumventing the protection offered by Privacy mode, which blocks instant messages from any user who is not on a user's "friends" list).

Ribbit is a fun way to meet new people from around the world.

Swipe through live videos to find someone to chat with. Our numbers show that people using Camfrog - 150K audio and video calls daily, 72 years of video watched daily, 45TB of traffic daily, or 50,000 Hours streaming movies on Netflix.

The Camfrog Server software allows users to host a never-ending number of unique and interesting video chat rooms based on user interests.

During the year of 2008, Camfrog introduced Virtual Gifts to the community.

→Version 6.14.584 for Windows (Released: December 29, 2016.

→Version 2.9.3277 for MAC (Released: April 18, 2016.

It's also allows to send a private message to any user on Camfrog even their status is set privacy modem and still can see your message.