Komm und flirte mit Deiner , Cam Girl oder Chat Girl werden?

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The idea was that if you went to podfeet.com/live you’d just make up a nickname (no password, no registration) and tell it the room to go into, then you could chat and play with the big kids.

Steve and I tested it, and it worked great so we were super happy.

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Be sure to go over to the shownotes to see the screenshot I captured of Chad.

First of all he has flaming red hair, and he’s wearing adorable PJs for the interview. You’ve heard me talk a lot about the live show before and you’ve probably heard me refer to the live chat, or sometimes IRC chat.Perhaps I should step back a second and explain the difference between a plain old Hangout and a Hangout on Air.In a Google Hangout, you invite people to jump on video and audio with you in a session that’s visible to everyone in the hangout.IRC gets way easier if you use a third party client like Textual, Colloquy or Adium and luckily we have some great IRC Setup Tutorials linked over on podfeet.com/live to get you started.But what if you’re a semi-geek, or a geek in waiting, a wannabe geek?I didn’t know a darn thing about IRC chat before I started the live show so I had to depend on others to educate me.