Tosh.0 became the most watched cable network television show in its time slot among 18- to 35-year-old males, a sought after advertising demographic.

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And, Weiden Kennedy showed us what it means for a brand to truly participate in culture. Is this really still a way to build a strong digital brand?

It's clear what Nike tried to do with its spot: to insert itself into the culture around the World Cup.

Among those pictured are Le Bron James, David Beckham, Plaxico Burress, and Robert Gallery.

Web Redemption for the Reporter Who Can't Break Glass, why did you take your shirt off, Daniel tasers people, Corey Taylor makes a guest appearance, getting tased.

Adam Kepler also shows up for hugs and kisses Kato Kaelin mocking Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat.

Web Redemption for Afro Ninja Mark Allen Hicks who had problems with his backflip while auditioning for a Nike commercial.; Daniel's Extreme Salvia Challenge which involves Daniel attempting the Saltine cracker challenge and the cinnamon challenge, while on Salvia, after which he attempts to crack 100 coconuts, all in under one minute; Dave Attell and Bree Olson play beer pong.

Everyone is talking about the new Nike World Cup spot, and with a good reason: it's a beautifully told story that transcends media formats to deliver a truly emotional and inspirational experience.

In 30 seconds, it appeared that Nike finally cracked the code by combining what's it best at with the power of digital distribution.

The event took place on September 16, 2009, at Citizens Bank Park during a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals.