1 to 2 sprays on clothes lasts until it is washed away, what I mean by that, is that you can take out and wear same shirt or coat after a week and you do not need to reapply, it just projects.

Scent wise, Fruity Vanilla and Ambery Musk with Orange touch, it is not something very unique or new by notes, but you can recognize it and stand out.

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Over and out :) Sorry yeah we all have different tastes.. i bought this due to the raving reviews on this site and when i received it, i was a bit disappointed.

I personally didn't see any "raving" reviews (not compared to some commercial success, popular vintage, or niche-for-cheap) so still don't consider this "hyped." I think when you have certain expectations things get weird :/ My whole deal was that I never cared for fruity fragrances until this one; just didn't understand why Sezyvex had to be so hostile and blame it on others. Calvini, i agree that this is one of the few fragrances that actually smell very natural. not saying it is not good, because it really is, especially because of its uniqueness, but it was not what i was expecting.

The constant need to be seen as good and being liked for whatever superficial reason is really beyond me. We only now care about animals, trees, the birds and the bees, and perfume!

And by the way, if we cared about all these things then we wouldn't be spraying these aroma chemicals, they harm the environment around us with their hazardous fumes but we all turn a blind eye to what is a fact.I would say, it is a very best scent at the moment, that is not mainstream and overused by everyone.Cheapest from the Sospiro aka Xerjoff line-up, it is truly worth the money, specially for the performance and how little you need to use it.If you're looking for something in the same vein go for Byredos Pulp which is a far superior creation to my nose, a much more realistic ripe fruit fragrance, very natural.Longevity and projection are huge but it's definitely a sample before you buy fragrance in my book, especially at this price point."There are a lot of people in this world who basically have no clue or are simply unaware or just like withholding what is true. My purchase was based upon reviews that we see below and I don't see anything wrong with what I had to state.