Spoilers: her making fun of a girl with acne scarred skin was horrible, and I couldn't get it out of my mind.

And the slide show at the wedding was unforgivable and mean and just low. Being hurt and suffering like Maggie did, should have made her more empathetic; I get that she had her issues (and how!

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As opposed to Elisabeth from Seeing Me Naked, Maggie has a wonderfully supportive family around when she needs them.

Bit by painful bit, they help her work through her fears about her body, her self worth, Domenic, and what has happened to her best friend.

And I do wish Olivia had gotten a better comeuppance since she was such a wretched, horrid biatch (regain all her weight, perhaps??

)"}" I am coming late to this book and though I have some strong objections to parts of it, I read it all the way through and enjoyed it as I went along. Others have covered the whole problem with facts and realities (effects of gastric bypass surgery, or the realities of living on minimum wage, for example) but I'm good at suspending disbelief and thus just went with it happily enough. Really, she was a terrible person and though I was happy she found herself and seems to have found her HEA, I cannot forget that she was every bit as cruel to others as they were to her.

After reading (and loving) Liza Palmer's second book, Seeing Me Naked, I had high expectations for her first novel.

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE FAT GIRL was not a disappointment.One gastric bypass surgery later, Olivia is now a size 2.As they plan the wedding together, Maggie begins to realize that after dropping all those dress sizes there is very little of her formerly witty and fun loving best friend left. Maggie is the eponymous "fat girl" in this story, although as others have pointed out we never do learn just how fat she was (something I think is vital actually).Regardless, Maggie is full of self-loathing and embarrassed of her bigger than average body. Maggie's character may feel very self-conscious and unhappy with herself, but I find those feelings to be relatable and realistic.I laughed several times while reading this book, though not quite as explosively as while reading Seeing Me Naked. I wasn't sure I would like this book,sometimes tilts like that are off putting. I read tons of books, and lately i've been picking up some 'chick-lit,' and looking for some 'fat-lit' (my word). I enjoyed the story, parts of it really made me laugh, i could relate, and it had enough character development for me really want to keep on reading til the end - without stopping.