Afterwards I had taken a leisurely shower and then put a deep conditioning pack on my hair. In fact at first I thought it was this guy who worked at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Beverly and I was like what is he doing here? As I got closer I saw that it was that actor who always wants people to think that he’s smart but I still couldn’t remember his name.“Oh hey,” I said.“What are you doing?

So I was just walking around inhaling the scent of night blooming jasmine and my deep conditioning pack when one of the bungalow doors opened. ” he said.“I’m deep conditioning my hair,” I said.“Why? He said it in this really challenging way, like deep conditioning your hair was against the law.“Uh, because it has a lot of split ends from being so color treated and all the extensions that I have used over the last few years, being an actress who cares about my craft, the way that Chateau Marmont flower-tenders care about flowers.”He shook his head. Gus and I meet, we fall in love, and we have a baby, he gives birth to it, I think, not me – well.

”I am a lady, so I don’t want to tell you what happened next.

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Anyway, since he has shared his version of events, I think it’s only fair that I share mine. I will say that I do like the Chateau because there are lots of beautiful flowers tended by people who care as deeply about tending flowers as I do about my passion, starring in films.

I had just taken a swim in the pool where, per the advice of several therapists, I had taken some time to imagine that I was one of any number of various sea creatures. An image of me pregnant would be so super intense, and really open up a lot of intense dialogue about gender, whereas if an older, gay less gorgeous person was pregnant, it wouldn’t be as interesting.

Well, bagaimana reaksi Chris Brown dan Drake saat melihat adegan ini ya?

:) Sang kekasih pun tampaknya tak keberatan dengan aksi gila Matt.

Sayangnya, aktor itu tak berhasil meraih penghargaan apapun di ajang tersebut.

Well, setidaknya dia masih bisa membawa pulang sang kekasih. Megan Fox - Leslie Mann Well, walau cuma sebatas adegan di depan kamera, namun perilaku dua wanita ini lumayan bikin geli.

Namun dari beragam foto-foto tersebut, ada banyak juga kejadian atau momen menarik yang tidak sengaja ikut terekam, contohnya saja yang berbau pornografi dan aksi mesum di sejumlah tempat.

Berikut adalah aksi mesum yang terekam kamera Google Street View dari berbagai tempat di seluruh dunia.

Namun tak lama setelah bikin heboh, baik Justin maupun Jocelyn sama-sama menyebutkan bahwa aksi raba dada itu tak lebih dari kamuflase kamera. Mungkin Rihanna tak pernah menyangka akan mendapat kejutan macam ini di Video Music Awards 2012 lalu.