Here is a picture of him with his new play buddy, a 10-yr old drathaar named Brownie. Penny Fenton, UT-ID Vizsla Rescue, Boise IDName: Gert Breed: Beagle mix Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 8 years , 30 lbs. History/Personality: Gert is gentle, quiet, and somewhat inactive older dog (the inactive part may in part be cause by her present circumstances).

She is in a smallish cage among many other cages where the sounds of barking may be a bit overwhelming for an older dog. Gert is a light and dark gray and white Beagle mix with the sweetest of dispositions.

His guardian died and her son-in-law took Fred to a pound to be euthanized.

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We hope you'll enjoy reading these selected success stories.

Maxwell loves riding in cars and walks politely on a leash.

I take Maxwell out for walks and he doesn't take his eyes off me, very attentive and gentle. Maxwell has a lipoma (fatty lump) on his left rear thigh.

Thanks, again." Vallerie Wellin, Humane Society of Preble County Name: Wilson Mix/Breed: Vizsla Sex/Age/Weight: Male, 8 years, 60 lbs. History/Personality: WILSON came to us as a shelter stray.

He is golden rust with a proper tail dock, dew claws removed.

Adoption Fee: 0 Agency/ Contact info: Please contact Denise (foster Mom) at 510-482-0663.

Name: Sasha Mix/Breed: Australian Shepherd Sex/Age/Weight: Female, 7 years, 40 lbs. She is currently being treated for an ear infection.

This delightful girl is great with (in fact loves) children and is quite cat friendly. This sweet girl needs a home she can count on and people who will love her forever. Agency/Contact info: The Humane Society of Preble County, Eaton, Ohio (25 miles from Dayton).