This pretty much dictates a weatherproof computer that can be mounted in the engine compartment.

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That topic already fills many books and many websites, and is far too much to cover here.

First up, many people will be asking "Why TPI instead of TBI? It's true that TPI (Tuned Port Injection) is a bit harder to swap on than TBI (Throttle Body Injection) because it requires an intake manifold capable of holding the individual fuel injectors for each cylinder.

For general-purpose EFI information, please refer to my EFI Basics page.

For GM TBI systems, please refer to my GM TBI Swap page.

TPI also requires more fuel pressure, so it needs a different fuel pump, but the fuel system requirements/designs are pretty similar.

TPI does allow for finer fuel control in more advanced systems, though TBI does a pretty darned good job on a stock or reasonably-close-to-stock engine.The BOSS BCB-60 Pedal Case makes setup, breakdown and storage simple.Its padded interior protects and holds your effects pedals in place.Getting the fuel rails fabricated, the intake manifold modified to accept the fuel rails, and getting a throttle body mounted to the intake manifold are all difficult tasks.I say "difficult" not because these are insurmountable goals, rather that they are hard for the average DIY-er to do in their garage.:-) In my case, I have chosen a TPI system that uses a computer that is weatherproof and is placed in the engine compartment - see the next section for more details on that.