And that was how the Broncos won a Super Bowl championship. Newton did not get a clear picture of the coverage on a number of snaps.

The Panthers’ offense was never in a rhythm in Super Bowl 50, thanks to a special performance by the Broncos. On read option plays, the Broncos forced Newton to hand the ball off, and relied on their run defense up front to control the point of attack. The Broncos constantly changing with multiple coverage looks gave Newton problems, as did a constant pass rush.  In the passing game, the Broncos showed a number of different coverages from the first quarter on, with many three-, four- and five-man rush concepts.

And the Panthers dialed up a play that at very least could have gotten them a huge chunk of yards to get them into Broncos territory.

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Newton ran for 12 yards, but it should have been a 48-yard touchdown." class="canvas-atom canvas-text Mb(1.0em) Mb(0)--sm Mt(0.8em)--sm" data-type="text" data-reactid="177"In the second quarter, the Panthers called a deep pass on first down.

Ted Ginn ran a deep over route and was open for what would have been a touchdown.

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— meaning they blitzed as soon as they saw the players they were responsible for in coverage stayed in to blitz.

The Broncos’ pass rush was a constant factor in the game.

The Panthers missed some big plays because Newton didn’t have time to get to them.

Sylvester Williams and Jackson forced Newton to move out of the pocket.

Stewart had Fozzy Whittaker man-to-man, but when Whittaker stayed in to block Trevathan’s blitz, Stewart green dog blitzed and came in unblocked.