"Help" is the first feature film by the young Lebanese director Marc Abi Rached.

Lebanese authorities initially gave it the green light on two conditions: that it be restricted to viewers 18 years old or older and that an image of female genitals be blurred. While the preview went ahead as planned on February 12, three days before nationwide release the authorisation was suddenly revoked.

And with that huge “LEBANESE” tattoo and his performance in this video, it is 100% justified.

Girl lebanese naked-39

It’s shocking to see that the decision depends on just one person, whereas there are laws that should be applied. But if we’d done a film about dustbin collectors, we could hardly have avoided showing a waste-collection centre.

"Help" tells the story of a prostitute, so it’s perfectly normal that there should be a sex scene."This film does not warrant censorship.

I have never made a pop-up card or done kirigami before, and this pattern made the process really simple.

Each pattern includes easy step-by-step instructions, two cover options, with a personalize the cover message option.

As for the sex scene, there’s nothing to see: just legs, the hint of a breast and a naked back.

The genitals were blurred, just as censors had requested." We still don’t know the real reason behind this decision. All I know is that the head of the censoring body was replaced and that his successor withdrew the authorisation.

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Lebanese women took first place at the prestigious international competitions: Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Intercontinental.

Unfortunately, most Lebanese women more and more often expose themselves to plastic surgery for breast augmentation, lip make, liposuction.

You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.