The problem was addressed before the researcher made his findings public.

Usually, these kind of white hat hackers will abide by strict guidelines.

In response, Trendnet notified their customers of an update that would fix the vulnerability.

This has a downside: with the code posted on Github, theoretically any entrepreneurial criminal could craft a new money-making scheme out of the research, threatening the security of an incalculable number of people.

Matthew Green, assistant research professor at the Department of Computer Science at John Hopkins University, told me in a phone interview that this sort of action is sometimes needed.

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There are 152 countries to choose from listed on the site, as diverse as Thailand, Sudan, and the Netherlands. It's all in the name of raising awareness about computer security, the site's creator claims (never mind the fact that the site has ads).

"This site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings," the page states.

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“What is different about this is that there are actual victims; that they are individuals,” Green said.

Setting up the website, Green said, “sounds a little irresponsible to me.” That’s if the creator's claims of making the site in order to raise important security issues are even genuine in the first place.

All of these people were completely unaware that I was spying on them, thousands of miles away, through devices that were inadvertently broadcasting their private lives on the internet. These are external devices typically bought to keep an eye on valuables, act as a baby monitor, or make up a home or business security system.