The first time I was here, in October 2010, was soon after I’d started working at Free the read more Posted by Stephanie Cho on December 8, 2011 Editor’s Note: This story was taken from the FTS website and edited.

But, Cam-Suze’s life changed when read more Posted by Terry Fitz Patrick on January 12, 2011 This week marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

Free the Slaves has been part of the global humanitarian response, and caseworkers report they’ve reunited nearly 1000 children with their families.

Yet the enslavement of children as domestic servants through the restavek system of child trafficking continues to plague the nation.

The Walk Free Global Slavery Index estimates more than 209,000 Haitians are in slavery today, many of them children.

Free the Slaves provides access to schooling for Haitian children who are survivors of domestic servitude, as well as those at risk of enslavement.

read more Posted by Staff on August 11, 2014 Slavery has been illegal in Haiti longer than anywhere else.

It affected everyone in Haiti, and continues to affect those who lost friends and family as well as homes and businesses.

While significant money and effort have been marshaled to rebuild, much remains to be done.

The 2013 Walk Free Global Slavery Index lists Haiti as the world’s second-worst spot for slavery read more Posted by Aimee Manjarres on November 25, 2013 Religious and political figures gathered on Capitol Hill last week to raise awareness about one of the world’s most challenging child slavery problems: restavek slavery in Haiti.

The Church World Service and The Episcopal Church, in cooperation with Congressman Chris Smith and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson organized the briefing to highlight the political, economic and ethical dimensions of child trafficking in Haiti.

Haitian parents who lack the resources required to support their children must often send them to work for a host household as domestic servants.