The more of your body you can include in the photo, the more success you’ll have at wooing someone into your bedroom. a soda can, a remote control, etc.) next to his penis to highlight just how large and/or thick it is.This usually isn’t necessary and can have unintended consequences as not everyone is turned on by a schlong shaped like a Coke can.

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Setting A toilet in the background is a good way to turn off a viewer as it reminds them of a unsexy part about yourself.

A messy bedroom or cluttered home office can also be off-putting.

Pump it up Of course, the purpose of a dick pic to to show your lover what they’re getting, kind of like sampling a song on i Tunes.

That being said, nobody wants to see your limp wiener. A full erection can come across as crass, so your best bet is to send a snapshot of your semi-hard chubby.

You don’t want the recipient to think you’re a slob, so tidy up before taking that photo.

Lighting As any Hollywood actress over 40 will tell you, lighting is key.The site aims to bring you the future of adult entertainment today, and it claims that the videos offered are the closest thing to actually performing in the scene. But as anyone who’s ever received a bad dick pic will tell you, there is an art to photographing one’s dong.It's hard to pinpoint and it may just be that they're all American gals with a certain level of cuteness that I really respond too. They make a point of saying that the pictures are not airbrushed and most are shot with natural light so that probably makes a big difference too. This rule couldn’t be more true when it comes to snapping a good dick pic. Fluorescent lights, too, are a no-no as they can accentuate every little bump, freckle, and imperfection.