The camaraderie built from this alone will blow your mind!

Even husbands and wives can workout together and they both get challenged!

By using the creative formats in this program, your boot camp will attract ALL fitness levels at once!

It keeps my costs down because I don’t need to purchase expensive equipment.

Not only does it list exercises, but it gives formats that include partners, relays, intervals, time ladders that keep the boot campers minds and bodies guessing.

Your campers do these workout formats as individuals, but in a team setting. I love the “Killer 20’s”, “Stationary Movement Ladder”, “Advanced Dice Game”, “Time Ladder” and the list goes on.

“I recently received a review copy of “Best Boot Camp Workouts”.

Caroline’s fab ideas helped get me through that, and sparked even more ideas of my own, too!

The different workout formats are great and varied enough to mean you could never have to think of another session again if you didn’t want to.You can even hack bank account if victim is using that.Trainers who want their boot camps to stand out from the rest. As a boot camp owner and operator, I always get super excited to check out new workouts, exercises, and fitness challenges. We’re so confident that the Best Boot Camp Workouts will make your classes more fun and your life easier (and more fun! This ebook is going to save you literally HUNDREDS of hours over the course of your boot camp career…do the math and this may be the best business investment you will ever make!(Most of mine have been with me for over 2.5 years.) Trainers who want to save gobs of their own time and energy! And they are all distinctly different from each other. This new e Book is packed with new workouts and ideas to get your head spinning.