But there was something enduring about Chatroulette's mash-up of serendipity and human connections.

Now a number of entrepreneurs and Web tinkerers are hoping to spin that concept into business opportunities -- while keeping the creep factor to a minimum.

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But how many people--outside of France and Quebec, at least--realized that in French, "chatroulette" means "catroulette?

" Becca Laurie and Andy Silva, two 24-year-old music industry professionals from Brooklyn did.

This funny prank is an oldie but a goodie, and I thought it was still relevant enough to share.

Back in the day, a video of Justin Bieber on webcam was acquired (yes, back with the swoop haircut), and it was turned into a loop that was used for webcam chat sites.

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Anyone who's been unwittingly victimized by video displaying random man-parts up close and personal when using Chatroulette, will understand why having a dedicated "app for that" signals many instant handheld horrors to come.

At first, it seemed like a fascinating way to meet the Internet's anonymous masses.

But it got weird, largely thanks to men exposing themselves on camera.

Or at least nobody had compiled screen shots of their cat on Chatroulette on a Web site anywhere." If you've spent any time on Chatroulette, you already know that it's a bazaar of very odd and usually very short glimpses into other people's lives.

The site has gotten huge amounts of attention, and not just because many of the people on the other end of writer after writer's cameras are men behaving badly.

Creators of i Chatr suggest using headphones to enhance your listening experience, otherwise you won't hear the quality chatter.