The pictures of the pets now can be visualized in the ‘K9 Bytes Manager’ screen for security purposes.Also, it helps your staff get acquainted with clients faster and better, improving the level of customer service you can offer.

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One of the more popular products we currently offer is the webcam.

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We want to hear from you, learn from you, and move forward with great new tools and features that will make our program and your business grow together. Best Regards, Joshua Candamo has been involved in dog breeding and show handling with his family all his life. Candamo received a Ph D degree in Computer Science with minor concentrations in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of South Florida.

Handler: Scott Quirsfeld Age: Born April 27 2008 will be 8 this spring.

Breed: Labrador Retriever (black) Years on the job: I started at Mammoth in fall 1998 and Chief started in August 2008.Handler: Steve Mc Grath Age: 9 weeks (born) 2/4/16 Breed: Entlebucher Mt Dog Years on Job: 2 weeks Favorite Activity: Play with empty water bottles Fun fact: Trico's breed is the smallest of the Sennehund line.His breed was developed in Roman times as high alpine herding dogs from the Swiss Alps.Check out the Pet Chatz pet webcam and treat dispenser in action via the video below.Handler: Matthew Seibert Breed: Yellow English Labrador Age: 5 Years Job: I am finishing my 12th season. Favorite Activity: We both enjoy long hikes and a nice steak.Click here for instructions on how to dowload and use the Updater.