of days when hegot riky_martin4u : back Samyu: around 12 riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : so now how u full fill up ur Samyu: nothing.do once he come back riky_martin4u : mastrubation Samyu: yeah i do Samyu: u do?

riky_martin4u : ya daily 4-5 times riky_martin4u : ‘n’ u no.

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riky_martin4u : can u tellmey ur freind give my id Samyu: someone riky_martin4u : kis liye diya Samyu: just like riky_martin4u : ager proper baatogi to mere liye bhi easy ho jayga baat kane mei Samyu: just like she gave teling u talk nice riky_martin4u : just like riky_martin4u : ??

Samyu: i mean once i saw her when shes online..asked abt her friends.she gave this id riky_martin4u : ok that means ur online friend Samyu: my real friend..

riky_martin4u : petticoat kaha sae jeans mei Samyu: no no //what i mean is the petticoat slip weared inside the top Samyu: i forgot the slip word Samyu: typo riky_martin4u : i m not understand riky_martin4u : thats riky_martin4u : wat u say pls hindi mei bolo na Samyu: there a tiny thin ..sometinh like ur baniyan Samyu: its called slip riky_martin4u : okkk riky_martin4u : bra or panty colourd Samyu: bra is light grey Samyu: panty .riky_martin4u : not wear pair riky_martin4u : or some atracti\ve Samyu: at times i wear riky_martin4u : ?

Samyu: dont wear same coluored ones daily riky_martin4u : kyu riky_martin4u : any reason Samyu: nothing just like riky_martin4u : ok Samyu: no girl bothers sch abt inner wear..

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Enjoy some of the best bhabhi and aunty sex stories, hot incest stories and also some hot sexy chat conversations.pahle staing in my foot riky_martin4u (489): to stand the buss.Samyu(489): ok Samyu(49): ok riky_martin4u (490): ok now we r talk in hindi ok hope u don’t mind when i ask u give me the same ans.Make sure to bookmark us and come back daily to enjoy new stories submitted by our readers.riky_martin4u : u send me req for add inf Samyu: yeah riky_martin4u : who r U Samyu: i got ur id from my friend riky_martin4u : which one riky_martin4u : ur asl Samyu: someone Samyu: me 26f riky_martin4u : frm Samyu: kanpur riky_martin4u : tell me kis ne diya tha riky_martin4u : m or f ne diya tha name Samyu: some one..at any time 098132-*** i will be w8ing 4 ur next reasponse at my mobile u can do this to any public both riky_martin4u : hmmmm Samyu(460): ok riky_martin4u (46): hey yaa but i don’t know how do this ok Samyu: sorry.chatting riky_martin4u : &2ndly y i do orif not cam its ok but voice chat se koi kisi kaise pehan legaa i don’t know riky_martin4u : haaa that’s means we r meet next week if we r free riky_martin4u : but i m not meet next sunday coz i have to go 4 my cousin marr.