Preparation for Aviation/Advanced Career Employment System (PACES) PACES is designed to prepare low-income, low-skilled workers for higher-paying jobs in the aviation, manufacturing, and health care industries.Registered Apprenticeship Registered Apprenticeship is an employment and training program where you earn wages while you learn a skilled profession in a specific field such as construction or health care.

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Cambridge North is expected to be completed in late 2017.

Many training assistance programs are available through the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas.

Some programs offer scholarships to customers who meet specific eligibility requirements.

Job seekers interested in furthering their education or attending a training program for one of the region’s demand occupations should look at each of the training program webpages or inquire about assistance at a Workforce Center.

The main attraction however is fifty-two feet of underwater viewing.

The 45,000-gallon pool simulates a portion of the Humboldt Current off the coasts of Chile and Peru - where Humboldt penguins are typically found and where they derive their name.

Their wings are stiff, flat flippers used to propel them through the water.

Unlike other birds, they have heavy, solid bones that reduce the energy needed to dive.

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