Both my source, google fiber, and the tv have screensavers that don't move. The second request is have a single button to turn on the audio sync rather than the gyrations you have to go through with the magic remote.


Perfect black is essential to a more lifelike image as well as the great shadow detail you can only get with OLED.

web OS 3.0 is the latest generation of the acclaimed LG Smart TV platform.

I am not being critical, but these modifications need to be done to consider this a finished product. As a result, there's some Soap Opera Effect on some content, which you can disable. My only complaint is that I don't like the location and operation of the manual power button (bottom left, back side of the sound bar) since I can't get to it easily in our takes two steps to turn the TV off manually.

Otherwise, I think the tv is wonderful and for the price can't be beat in todays consumer tv market. Thus forced to use the remote...pretty small potatoes! I wish I had enough to purchase the larger 77 or 65 inch model before 3D gets entirely removed from their product lineup.

LG's technology crushes the competition because none of them (not one) were able to compete with LG's highly-rated lineup of TVs.

All other manufacturers' made 4K TVs that failed miserably in the 3D arena, which put a nasty taste in consumers' mouths about 4K and 3D was collateral, regardless of manufacturer.

With a little more time now that 4K has matured in the market, companies should not be so quick to give up.

Why would LG give that position and reputation away? My only complaint (NOT with this model but your future 2017 lineup) is that LG has now made the decision published in many publications that they were dropping 3D capabilities on their entire 2017 OLED panel line. Everyone I show it too are shocked it looks so good. I did a lot of homework before purchasing a new tv and went by consumer reports to narrow it down to my selection as $$ wasn't a factor. There aren't really any other words to say about this than WOW! I'm also glad I spent the extra $$ for this model that has the sound bar attached because I did not want to spend money on a surround sound system.

This model has passive 3D and beats all other brands in picture quality.