If you REALLY want to "meet" someone at a club, you need to get out on the floor and DANCE.

Nun fliegen die Fetzen ­ und dann taucht auch noch Carlos auf…

Nur peinlich ­ trotz der guten Darsteller und Regisseur Oskar Roehler ("Die Unberührbare").

I did the night club thing with my girlfriends when I was your age.

As you discovered, it's impossible to get to know someone over the noise.

Yeah, I know I know men have been thinking it is for years.

Nightclubs are for drinking, dancing, having fun, hanging with friends, people watching and/or enjoying the music or entertainment.IF we drink, it may very well be a soft drink, as many women also dance with little or no alcohol in them.If this doesn't appeal to you, then find other ways to meet women.It went ok, one was friendly and we tried to talk for about 10 mins but the music was so loud that is was basically just yelling at each other and even then it was hard to hear.You're not supposed to interrupt women in groups and/or on the dance floor - they aren't playing hard to get, they're usually there to hang out together.This means SMILE.2) Direct said smile at a pretty lady whom you'd like to meet3) If she returns said smile, or at least holds your gaze for a few moments, start making your way over to her - if she rejects your gaze by turning away in disgust, return to step 1 and try to find another lady for step 24) When you get over there, simply put your best foot forward with a polite introduction and maybe a funny/witty comment or observation about something - this is where improvisation in the moment, and the particular lady/surroundings come into play.