If you’re looking for the next Basquiat, this is where you’ll find him (or her).

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS, LOS ANGELES With a title pulled from the lyrics of “The Recipe” by Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre, the general theme here is obvious.

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It's a group show featuring works from Gregory Bojorquez, Tim Diet, Mark Drew, Michelle Guintu, Jeramee Haynie, Patrick Martinez, and Kevin Woodruff.

Each artist presents work that has come from a lifetime obsession with music, hip hop and rap in particular.

The majority of Paris residents have left the city for holidays. Take a miniature vacation to Versailles, gain true perspective and feel tiny next to Anish Kapoor’s proportion-shifting sculptures.

The gardens feel spectacular again beneath his Sky Mirror and next to his Descension whirlpool/sinkhole.

The work is by design duo Mira Yuna, who're commissioned for window installations by all of the right stores in Sydney.

For this exhibition, cropped letters and numbers are hand painted on 3D boxes in a way that true proportion isn't immediately obvious.A deep look at the important work of the designer, with some pieces dating back to the 80s including his iconic SS83 collection.If you really can’t leave the house, a live stream has been promised.Paired with a morning ride to the farmers’ markets where we’ll buy our groceries for the week (and call them produce), and a dedication to a DIY face mask that promises invisible pores and total clarity.A plan that only exists on Instagram, which is usually sacrificed for a bag of Doritos and a six-hour Netflix session.KUNTSTALLE, ZURICH Albert Oehlen gives his second solo exhibition, nearly 30 years after his first in 1987.