Getting so hammered that you don’t know what you’re doing enables you wake up in mysterious locales and have intimate adventures with people whose names you haven’t quite committed to memory!I know a case can be made that because your friend was intoxicated she was unable to give consent, therefore she was raped.

I think your friend needs to see a therapist, not to explore the wrong that was done to her, but to help her process this regretted evening and get her to the point where she can comfortably be in this guy’s presence.

You should say that as her friend you’ve become concerned that she hasn’t gotten past this event and that it’s affecting her enjoyment of life.

They cause agony for themselves and their families, but they rarely become violent.

Your friend has been dealing with a heartbreaking situation for years and deserves your kindness and support.

She was very upset because she didn't remember consenting to sex.

I believe they were both too intoxicated to consent, but I also don't think that he took advantage of her. Recently, I mentioned to my roommate that he’ll be at an upcoming party.

Dear Mum, In light of the horror of Newtown, many more people are going to be looking warily at hostile, troubled kids.

It’s really important to keep in mind that very few of these children are truly threatening.

My roommate was very drunk and ended up having sex with a guy I work with who was also extremely drunk.

The next day, they woke up together, but neither of them remembered how they ended up there.

Dear Prudence, I'm a 23-year-old professional woman living with a close friend.