And this is not just to look like you got things under control, it'll help your breathing a lot too!

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(We're just checking to see if you're reading carefully.

Having your arms flap down the sides like dead spaghetti is actually more energy consuming than using them. 4 - A safe landing Running is almost like flying and the landing is critical!

So pump those arms, swing them from hips to shoulder, but for the love of god keep your shoulders relaxed! Some people land on their toes, some people land on their heels - both are not good! We call it the ball of the foot which is just inbetween it all, but a little closer to the toes than the heel - you land on the ball of the foot and push off, but try to get as much foot on the ground before pushing off.

I go for a run to relax and not to think about a danm thing and I know you feel like there's a 100 things to think about while running right now!

But after a few runs with these techniques it should come subconsciously so don't worry!

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