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Xiao is a self-appointed social justice warrior, anytime something bwaaad is said about her, she cries allllll about it on You Tube.

This garnered interest from, appropriately, a self-appointed media outlet which wrote this article plus an interview, which is more of a chat log transcript, as it's unlikely a face-to-face meeting ever occurred - which is obvious because of a typo in the title of the article.

The addition of the word 'comedy' is used to make readers think Xiao's shit is funny, when someone can find more laughs at a nail museum.

The article also reveal that she, like a typical SJW, hates her own race and loves black cock.

The interview prattled along, talking about how Xiao quickly defended Venus Angelic when she was being trolled, most likely standing up to the cybwurbwullies by, you guessed it, posting a video!

HERE'S THE FUNNY TWIST: Venus blocked Xiao and had the video pulled after Xiao's pedo friends were being creepy. The interview then goes on and on about how Xiao had to put up with this and that, any professional interviewer would have simply asked, "So do you regret taking on other people's battles? Alan the interviewer was obviously too busy fapping.

Xiao lives above a Chinese takeout somewhere in Britfaggia.

When not camwhoring or working on her kawaii accent, she hangs around the house in an onesie and barely steps outside.

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