“When people stop you in the street to talk, they glance you up and down.

They’re trying to size you up, see where you come from and what you do.” In naked society, little information can be gleaned from the body — other than the facts of a body, in all its unique, idiosyncratic, special-snowflake banality. There’s more to it than ‘She takes her shirt off and I see her boobs.’” I get the feeling that Felicity hangs out with a different set of men than I do — maybe naturists really “It does change the dynamic in a relationship,” Jordan Blum concedes.

Meeting women at nudist beach-38

You’ll get kicked out.” Nude beaches, I realized, may be one of the few places where male sexuality is policed more strictly than the female — according to proponents who hang out at self-policed beaches, at least.

Even though nudism has always been central to Blum and Jones’s relationship — they were nude activist collaborators before the romance began — when I asked about their naked courtship, details about who was undressed when barely registered to them. “Clothed or not clothed — there wasn’t an epiphany there.” Accounting for precisely who saw which body part when and from what angle is possible, but comparable to me trying to recall which pair of jeans I was wearing the third time I hung out with a guy I ended up dating six months later. For most of us, the first glimpse of a partner’s naked form tends to be a momentous occasion that occurs simultaneously with a relationship turning point: the first sex act.

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(Could a skimpy bikini suggest an interest in attention or simply an aversion to tan lines? When everyone is equally naked — and equally vulnerable — social dynamics change. Nude is not lewd; people don’t go to naturist functions for the sole purpose of hooking up.

And if they do, those people are easy to spot.”“We just tell people, don’t gawk,” Blum says. If you’re on the subway or on the street, you’re looking at people. It’s no different in nude society.”sexual than socializing in clothes.1 rule of nudism — the most ironclad element of in-group etiquette that must never be broken — is that a nudist must always be armed with a towel.(Plopping your naked butt on a shared surface is just as rude among nudes as it is among textileds.) Hide your boner behind the towel.Parading a full-on erection in mixed company is unacceptable: “That’s a major no-no.Still, for most people, the only thing scarier than meeting a bunch of new people is having to be naked in front of them, too. “A lot of couples don’t even walk around nude at home.For a first-time nudist, Blum estimates that it takes “about 30 seconds of sheer, utter panic” before acclimation begins. How do nude flirters maintain an air of confidence, or a sense of mystery? There are kids who have never seen their parents nude.” (He says this in a tone of dismay.) “Those kind of sterile environments create a different approach: If you’re in bed and you’re naked, that means you want to have sex.38-year-old Blum and 26-year-old Jones met at Rock Lodge, the family-oriented nudist co-op in New Jersey that both of their families frequented.